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How to be fiscally responsible in your small business and still enjoy some R&R

blog425Summertime is upon us and many of you are in the midst of your vacation or are in the final planning stages for that August getaway. Many small business owners struggle with leaving their business to others, and end up taking their work with them—or never going on vacation at all. Here are some tips to enjoying your summer getaway, and ensuring everything is running smoothly with your business while you’re gone.

1.    Automatic invoicing. Automatic invoicing is not only a big time saver; it makes it extremely easy when tax season rolls around to compile all of your revenue data. Instead of stressing about where one invoice number disappeared to (when it is quite common to miscount invoices and have that number never issued at all), you can be rest assured that everything is in order. Automatic invoicing programs can range from cheap to higher range; it all depends on the size of your business and what you need to decide the correct software for you.

2.    Train your employees. Even if you do not take vacation, there will be times when you aren’t able to make it into work; family emergencies, unforeseen circumstances—any of these can result in you not being able to make it to the office. Before these things happen, make sure you sit down with your employees and walk them through your invoicing system, so that when you do go on vacation, or something happens, they know how to handle it—without having to call you every five minutes.

3.    Prepare your employees. Before you leave on vacation, go over all the current projects or orders, outstanding invoices, anything you can think of that might occur while you are gone. Leave all the files that are necessary with your employees—so they are not scrounging for a key to access them in your desk. Preparing your employees in this way will also give them a chance to ask any questions they might have during your absence.
These are only a few hints to ensuring your vacation goes smoothly; just remember to relax once your feet hit the sand!

When you are overwhelmed or fatigued in live, a little R&R can be the solution to getting yourself back on track. What do you do when your business is the source of your fatigue and overwhelm?

Also remember that In life, R&R means rest and relaxation.  In business, it means Revenue and Results.  The personal R&R is temporary.  The business R&R needs to be permanent.  Here’s how.

Assuming that you claim your business as a solopreneur, you are one of a developing populace of modest organizations that are assessed to achieve 70% of all organizations in the US; organizations that don’t have workers. Notwithstanding, you may be consummately content not to need to supervise others or be answerable for their activities or work item. But what if your ultimate goal is to grow your business beyond yourself so you can enjoy the financial reward you’ve always dreamed of?