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Throughout our 20+ years in business, it’s been a sincere pleasure to work with a variety of clients whom we now call our “friends”.  It is not unusual in our business to develop relationships over time and develop our level of business services as our clients get to know and trust us over the years.

Below you will find a few Case Studies to help you gain a better understanding of just how our partnerships can truly help businesses be more efficient and effective within their own specific trade.

Problem:Posting transactions from an online website in the most efficient method as possible.

Solution:The client presented me with a problem of posting the transactions from his website into his QuickBooks accounting system. Previously, all of the transactions were posted by hand. By reviewing their system of accounting, I developed a method of converting the transactions into an up-loadable file. This dramatically reduced the amount of time that was necessary to post the transactions and increased the overall accuracy of the posted informatio

Financial Services Newsletter Publisher

Problem:  Transferring key sales statistics in an efficient and well organized manner

Solution: Prior to my assistance, all of the sales transactions had been hand written on carbonized invoices and were then keyed in to the Peachtree accounting program. This system always caused a great deal of delay in providing timely information to the owners about what product was selling when – and what their top sales products were each week.

After many weeks of studying the sales process, the entire sales recording system was revamped. The sales are now input directly into the Peachtree accounting system in

“real time”.  This provides the company with an immediate overview of their inventory and “real time” sales activity.

Retail paint manufacturer and sales


Problem:  Jump-starting a new business

Solution: Through my direct sales approach, I contacted a medical practice that was just starting out.  It had a contracted with a local hospital and a new staff.  The Doctor was very eager to get his medical practice off to a good start. He needed help setting up his books on an accounting system. He also needed assistance with payroll and, from time-to-time, medical billing issues.  Over the years, I have offered the ideal ‘business support partnership” to help them with a variety of their operation needs in an effort to run an efficient and successful medical practice.

Medical Practice

Problem:  Securing a ‘virtual businesses office” based in the United States

Solution: The CEO of a foreign owned mining company approached me several years ago to be the business office of a United States based subsidiary. Initially, the services were very basic; they needed a mail box and someone to monitor the activity and deliveries. In time, the mining company had identified mining claims that it wished to explore and eventually acquired a drilling company. This drilling company required full bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services. We have essentially become the accounting department of the drilling company and now provide bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and monitor their cash flow as well.

Drilling/ Mining client

Problem:  Providing accounting services within specific contractual guidelines

Solution: Several years ago we were approached by a firm who provides geological services to a utility company. In addition to providing basic bookkeeping services, the geological services firm also required very specific billing services in order to comply with contractual agreements with the utility company.  After reviewing the contractual agreements, and working with the owner, we have been able to provide the billing services required to satisfy the needs of the utility company while we continue to assure the company’s cash flow is maintained through timely billing.

Geological Services Company

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