Forensic Accounting Services

Reno most experinece Forensic Accounting CPA Mark Robertson

Our litigation support and forensic accounting services can be employed in a wide range of situations, including commercial litigation, financial investigations, business valuations, business and marital dissolutions, and bankruptcies. These services can involve quantification of economic loss or damages, analysis of financial records, and fraud and theft investigation.

As Forensic Accountants, we utilize accounting, auditing and investigative skills when conducting an investigation.  Equally critical is our ability to respond immediately and to communicate financial information clearly and concisely in a courtroom setting.

Our team is trained to look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of the situation on your behalf.

Audits, Reviews, and Compilation

In addition to our Accounting Services, we offer financial statement services that comprise all three levels of assurance depending on your company’s needs.
– Reviews provide limited assurance to outside interests and involve inquiries and analytical procedures that confirm financial statement matters and identify any items requiring further analysis.
– Compilations are usually requested for internal purposes and are based upon information provided by a company’s management. They do not offer assurance but may involve some adjustment to accounting records.

Litigation Support and Investigative Accounting

Our forensic services are available to all of our clients, large and small.  Litigation Support provides assistance of an accounting nature in a matter involving existing or pending litigation.  It deals primarily with issues related to the quantification of economic damages.  A typical litigation support assignment would be calculating the economic loss resulting from a breach of contract.

Investigative Accounting is often associated with investigations of criminal matters.  A typical investigative accounting assignment would be an investigation of employee theft.  Other examples include securities fraud, insurance fraud, kickbacks and proceeds of crime investigations. No matter what the challenge or circumstance, we carefully review all of the intricate details to help you resolve the matters at hand.

If you have questions about legal accounting issues or just need auditing assistance, feel free to contact us for confidential advice and service.

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